Occupy I-5, Day 3. Occupy Tacoma

Well, this is actually Friday, December 2nd, day five, but I’m catching up on the last couple days. I’ll post on Occupy Eugene, where I’ve been at this evening after I write up days three and four. I was actually on the road out of Eugene tonight, on my way home, when I decided that if I didn’t put my notes from this trip into posts, it wouldn’t happen. Once I get home, I’ll shift gears and the frame of mind from this trip will be lost. So I got a reasonably cheap motel room, went back to Occupy Eugene camp for a while to hang out with friends. Having drunk way too much coffee in preparation for a long-night’s drive, I’ll hopefully be able to catch up.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011.
I returned to Occupy Tacoma for a brief visit and to snap some photos in the daylight. Continue reading

Occupy Interstate 5, Day One, (part 2)

Monday, November 29th, 2011
Occupy Bellingham
Occupy Bellingham on Facebook
Occupy Tacoma
Occupy Tacoma on Facebook

I left Bellingham in the early afternoon and stopped in Mt. Vernon, half an hour to the south, at the food co-op for lunch and more coffee. After leaving Bellingham in ’89, I lived up the Skagit River from there, near the town of Concrete, where some friends and I co-founded a community land trust called Finney Farm that is still going to this day. Looking up the valley into the fog-shrouded North Cascades brought back a familiar longing. When the weather is nice, it is one of the most beautiful places anywhere. I knew the mountains were lurking up there out of sight. Continue reading