Occupy I-5 tour, Day 2

Tuesday, November 29th

Occupy Seattle

I arrived at OccupySeattle today around lunch time, in fact just minutes after lunch ran out. They don’t have much of a kitchen, partly because there is no running water there and the health dept. has apparently been breathing down their necks about it. A local food kitchen donates scores of hot meals every day, so they serve that till it’s gone, along with daily breakfast and coffee.

Since the food tents are usually where the most people congregate, that is where I went first to get the feel of the camp. Just as the person in front of me was told that the food was gone, a middle-aged couple showed up and asked where to donate blankets and socks and other items. They were directed to the info tent, but not before I grabbed a quick interview. Shortly afterward, I got another story from one of the kitchen crew.

Occupy Seattle at Seattle Central Community College front lawn area

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