Clarification on charges of misinformation on Twitter at Occupy Oakland

“People with good info were drowned out by your ignorance @MikalJakubal”

Yesterday, the police raided the Occupy Oakland vigil and tree sit, arresting around a dozen people, three at the tree-sit and the rest at the vigil area or on 16th Street just to the north. I was in the area for most of this and tweeted and livestreamed throughout. I was later accused of putting out misleading information. What happened, instead, was a small cascade of miscommunication, based on assumptions, information gaps and protocol lapses, that led to misunderstanding of and false accusations against my reporting. At the end of the day, none of it was of any consequence to the outcome but, in another situation, it might have mattered. I’m posting this hoping that others can glean some bit of experience from it.

I own my mistakes and challenge the other parties to own theirs. read on!

Occupy Oakland and OPD campaign of arrests and harassment today.

Last night I went to the Alameda County Jail at 7th & Jefferson to cheer-on the folks getting released after the bust of the 10th and Mandela foreclosed home occupation. Afterwards, part of the small crowd went to Oscar Grant Plaza as part of the ongoing vigil. During the night, a new tree-sit was started in one of the sycamores on the north edge of the plaza, this time a different tree than the one Running Wolf and others had been occupying earlier. Three people went up, with two ultimately staying the night there.

Whole lotta more words and action videos and stuff

New Occupy Oakland encampment started today.

Here’s a Google Earth screenshot of “Zion Cypress Triangle Park”, the newest in what is becoming a constellation of Occupy Oakland sites. It is presently a bare patch of dirt surrounded by a fence, with uncertain ownership status. The name was given by occupiers, according Jaime Omar Yassin in his always-worthwhile blog Hyphenated-Republic, to represent “the symbolic biblical paradise, the historical name of the neighborhood, and the shape of the lot.” Hopefully, it’ll get nicknamed something simpler, like “Cypress Triangle.”

Zion Cypress Triangle Park, new Occupy Oakland camp site.

a bit more to read

#D12—Oakland Port Shutdown Day.

I’m chronically late for the revolution these days. Partly because I sometimes have a hard time getting motivated for marches after decades of marches, partly because I’d rather take my time and be prepared than rush out the door and partly because Occupy Oakland marches actually start on time!

Watching the livestream from the march as I get ready to go join it.

The morning march began from West Oakland BART station at 5:30am in order to be at the port in time to block the morning shift. When I went to bed at 11pm last night, I set my alarm for 5:30 a.m., knowing even that would be too little sleep. I was right, but got up anyway and was on BART headed to West Oakland by 6:30am.

A slow trickle of protesters made their way out of the port area as I walked in, probably headed to work after the pre-dawn march. lots more words and pictures…

Drone Journalism—Occupy Airspace

This is a wild ideas I was going to pursue in advance of Monday’s port shut down action. Since I won’t have time for it, I’m putting it out to the world to see if it “flies.”

We’ve got livestreaming, realtime video of most of our actions now, but imagine if we had it from a small, radio-controlled helicopter. Continue reading

“…an elitist voice against the [Occupy Oakland] movement for months.”

Gawd, I love internet trolls sometimes. I’ve been looking for a proper tagline for this site since I put it up. Today, the Occupy Oakland General Assembly voted on a proposal before it to rename Occupy Oakland, “Decolonize Oakland,” something I heartily opposed. Since I couldn’t get down there to vote against it (it failed anyway, getting only 68% yes), I was on Twitter retweeting anti-“Decolonize” sentiments and adding a few of my own. (See Twitter feed in sidebar.)

At one point an anonymous tweep leveled the above accusation at me. It was so good, I took it and made it all mine. It also started some good DM convos and gave others a good giggle.

I think that will be a theme here on Civilized Disobedience: to take others’ uncivilized sniping and make evolving taglines out of it. I already know what the next one will be, since I’ve already been called it by some mean chump from corporate media.

So, yeah, shit-sling away at me, punks. I need the comedy material.