Occupy I-5 Tour, Day 5, De-Occupied Portland, Occupy Salem, Occupy Eugene

Friday, December 2nd, 2011
Occupy Portland

Occupy Salem
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(Temporarily) De-Occupied Portland
I began the drive south out of Portland with a visit to the two now-empty, tree-filled Lownsdale Square and Chapman Square in downtown Portland that housed Occupy Portland for 39 days. They’re lovely parks, but are now inaccessible, surrounded by the modular chainlink construction fencing that has recently begun to replace tents at many post-eviction Occupation sites.

Former site of Occupy Portland.

The original eviction notices were still taped to the light poles, offering “shelters and resources” to protesters, apparently without a trace of irony. Continue reading

Occupy I-5, Day 5

A little catching up, Friday, December 2. Posies Cafe, Portland, OR.

I’m in Portland this morning, probably heading to Eugene later for the General Assembly tonight. On Wednesday, I visited Occupy Tacoma again and Occupy Olympia. I spent yesterday up in Longview, Washington, talking with some rank and file longshoremen, as well as a stop in to the Port Of Longview office and a meeting of the nascent Occupy Longview group. Continue reading