Occupy I-5 Tour comes to an end at Day 7: Occupy Eureka, Occupy HSU

Sunday, December 4th
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Occupy Humboldt (HSU)

Not exactly on the I-5 tour, since the last leg home is on Hwy 101 through Northern California, but I stopped off last night in Arcata to stay with a friend. On this frosty, quiet morning I made quick visits to Occupy HSU (Humboldt State University) in Arcata and Occupy Eureka, in front of the county courthouse.

The half-dozen campers on the quad at HSU were still awakening when I got there. One, seemingly with a case of the pre-caffeine crabbies, plugged a hot plate into an extension cord that disappeared behind one of the tarped-over picnic canopies that serve as tents there. Continue reading