So you want to get a fake scab job?

[UPDATE: Strikers have settled! But these suggestions below can come in handy next time, especially with more pre-planning and lead time. Heh heh heh]

Here are some background and tips if you want to be a scab/spy or “salt” as it’s also known. I’ll start with a bit of my history with this.

Back in ’98, I got a job as a “replacement worker”—aka “scab”—at two different Kaiser Aluminum plants struck by the United Steelworkers. They were on strike against Kaiser Aluminum’s new corporate owner, junk bond and S&L scandal criminal Charles Hurwitz, owner of Maxxam Corporation. Here in Norcal, we’d been fighting Maxxam since ’85 after they’d taken over Pacific Lumber and begun liquidating old growth redwood forests. When we in Humboldt heard about the Steelworkers striking in Washington State against the same company, we immediately jumped at the opportunity to form alliances.
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