A very cool article on rumor propagation and fact-checking in the twittersphere

The U.K. Guardian has this fascinating piece on the way “…misinformation corrects itself in open, unregulated forums. (The) initial source was a corpus of 2.6 million tweets provided by Twitter, all of which ‘related to’ the (London) riots by virtue of containing at least one of a series of hashtags.”

Once you’ve clicked through and watched the rumors run their course through the twittersphere, be sure to click on the link to see the thinking and process behind these interactive graphics. Because I don’t like all-text posts and because I want you to become intrigued enough to check out the story for yourself, here’s a static screenshot of the interactive.
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Occupy Wall Street Mockupation: reality gets weirder (and faster) all the time

Late last night in New York, the cop TV show “Law And Order: SVU” was apparently filming an episode in an Occupy-themed set, constructed in a NYC park, complete with tents, a kitchen and library. Occupy protesters got word of it, spread it through social networks and converged a flashmob on the set to disrupt the filming.

This movement is the passion and life of those who believe in it and its message. It’s something that people have fought for, believe in, suffered for, gone to jail for, been tear-gassed for and had their lives inspired and changed by. Continue reading