The Golden Rule

Driving into Leroy Zerlang’s boatyard in Fairhaven, CA on the spit that encloses Humboldt Bay, you could easily ignore the unremarkable, plywood-clad, open-ended building off on the south side of the yard. In fact, when I drove in yesterday, I did ignore it, proceeding toward the small, more inviting office where Justin, one of the yard hands, was working. When I inquired about the subject of my visit, he pointed me to the plywood shed and invited me to go take a look.

I went out there on that hazy winter day partly to put to rest a silly notion about starting another documentary film. I don’t have time or money or, more importantly, the energy or focus to embark on another multi-year project while several other projects—two films and my house top the list—already put more demands on my time than I can fulfill. I was going to see if maybe I could do some shooting for fun, something to put on my own website or on the Vets For Peace site as promotional footage for them. Besides, this was coming to seem more like a PBS historical doc than the edgy, cinema-verite style subjects that I’m more drawn to and comfortable with.

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