Sundance film: OSLO, AUGUST 31ST.

Narrative feature.

It’s a big deal for any director and crew to premier a film at Sundance. You want to fill theaters, get standing ovations, generate buzz, attract buyers or distributors and so on. Last thing you need is some nobody like me panning your work on social media networks. (I sent out my first tweets as the crowd was still leaving the theater after the premier.)

Maybe it’s because I went through a depressive period myself the last half of December and can’t relate to a downer story (or can relate all too well and don’t want to). Or maybe it’s because I like a story with a long arc—i.e. where the protagonist starts one place and ends up somewhere far away, emotionally speaking. Either way, I felt that OSLO was a waste of good acting, directing and screenwriting, a downer film that goes nowhere.
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