Sunday, November 27th, 2011
Hi y’all and welcome to my world. I’ll be using this space to share thoughts about everything from Occupy Wall Street politics to my homestead in Humboldt County to my travels and adventures. This is the basic version of this blog, launched to coincide with my return drive home after Thanksgiving (see the Occupy I-5 page). I’ll be prettying it all up as I go along, promise. It’s pretty ugly at the moment.

My involvement in OccupyOakland has prompted me to write a steady stream of extended posts and comments on Facebook and Google+ and sporadic bursts of Twitter posts. I’ve been feeling that these platforms are too ephemeral, that I have been putting an enormous amount of work into some of these posts, as well as receiving some excellent extended reader interaction, only to have it all disappear into the memory hole.

From now on, I’m more likely to post longer pieces here first, then link to them on Facebook or G+. Virtually all my posts on both platforms are public, so you can circle me on G+ or subscribe to my FB public posts and comment there if you’re intrigued but find those platforms more comfortable.

If you’ve found me here and are looking for my documentary film on Humboldt County pot growers, check out that blog http://onegoodyear.com You can also follow me there on Twitter, though now that I’m in post-production and not as much is happening, I’m not posting much on either.

See you all soon,