Fluffy bunny meets lolcat

Because everyone likes a lolcat pic to lighten up the day.

Aw, cute bunny and lolcat pics.

My darling kitty, “Monster”, tried to sneak in under the desk with this one, but I escorted him out with his dinner. When I’m not looking, he drags mice up and eats them there, leaving the guts and occasionally the hindquarters to dry up and stink. He knows he’s not supposed to do it. Usually all I have to do when I catch him bringing rodents indoors is make disapproving noises and snap my fingers and he slinks back downstairs and out the door. This time, I had to pick him up, dead bunny impaled on his fangs, and carry him down and out. He immediately ran up the ladder to the other loft, looking for a secure place to eat. It’s the ancient impulse of the lion to drag the kill into the tree. But this is not a tree in the jungle and I don’t want rotten rabbit guts under the desk. I finally found him a secluded place and after playing with the corpse for a bit, chowed it down.

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