Gone BANANAS!* over free speech? Support an independent filmmaker who took on a giant and won.

While I was at Sundance Film Festival in January, I had the pleasure of watching the U.S. premier of BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!*, which I then blogged about.

The crew is now raising money via the crowd-sourcing site Kickstarter in order to fund their U.S. release of the film. Check out their official site and their trailer and if you’re inspired, make a pledge on their Kickstarter page.

This is an important (and fun!) film that needs to be seen, especially by U.S. audiences. Dole’s attempted censorship of the film BANANAS!* took place here in the U.S. with the full participation of the mainstream media. In director Gerten’s home country of Sweden, in contrast, Dole’s outrageous behavior attracted major press attention.

We’ve got serious problems in this country when giant corporations decide what we can watch and read about. Here’s an easy way to support feisty independent filmmakers doing something to expose it.

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