The internet will be my “Downfall”

First I got a Facebook page, then a blog, then a Twitter account. Then I started setting up blogs for organizations I’m part of. Then I started another blog of my own and two more Twitter accounts and a Google+ page and a Yelp profile and an online dating profile. I’ve got some other profiles on sites where I can’t remember the username or password. But, doesn’t everyone have all that and more these days?

But you’re just not a real person online until you’re named in an internet meme.

Apparently, I’ve arrived.

If you haven’t seen them already, Youtube is full of parodies of this clip from the movie DER UNTERGANG (2004), more commonly known as DOWNFALL. This site has a good history of how the parodies started and their subsequent explosion, with links to some of the best ones. There are thousands of versions by now. If you speak German, you might want to turn the sound down so as not to get distracted by the fake subtitles.

This version is a total inside joke. All the people mentioned are active members of the online documentary professional community The satire is brilliant and nails all of our particular D-Word identities to the T. I won’t try to explain it, since by the time I did, it wouldn’t be funny anymore.

If you’re a doc film maker, though, do check out the D-Word.

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