In a few minutes it all becomes a pumpkin again.

This has by far been the best Sundance Film Festival yet, out of eight…or was it seven. I keep losing count, since after a while they all blend into one generalized experience. Perhaps I should have spent more time hanging out, meeting new people, networking, pitching my film and so on, but instead I went to my volunteer shifts and then went to films, seeing something like two dozen total, mostly docs. I think I gave out a total of six business cards, if that shows you anything about my priorities this year. It’s just where I was at.

Yarrow Theater Operations Team B, Sundance 2012. Okay, everyone make a silly face. I'm the bald one, far left.

I loved my new job, facilitating filmmakers and their entourages in and out of the greenroom and to their seats in the theater at Yarrow Hotel. In the down time, I either watched the films or used the wifi there to keep up with my virtual life. Yarrow is a great place to work, since it’s comfortable, a central hub and has nice amenities like wifi and the fireplace lounge.

The new crew, Team B at Yarrow is also awesome and super easy to work with. In all the years at Sundance, there have been a few difficult people here and there, but most everyone is laid back and fun, united by the adventure and excitement of the festival.

But, dang, the wind-down is proving extra harsh this year. Cinderella’s golden chariot turns into a pumpkin in the form of the airport shuttle picking me up tomorrow morning at 9am. I’ve never stayed through to the bitter end of the festival. Park City seems suddenly hollow and empty. The energy generated when large numbers of people get together in a creative atmosphere is intoxicating. It feels so real and present and permanent. And then you blink and it’s gone with barely a trace.

It’s a little after 11 p.m. and I should be packing. I’m thinking of taking a last walk up to Main Street just for the exercise, but probably won’t. I prefer to keep my last memory of it the way it was early on, crowded with people and covered in snow.

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