Sundance film COMPLIANCE

COMPLIANCE would be brushed off as not believable and pointless were it not based on a true story. Over 70 true stories, in fact, but specifically this one from Mt. Washington, KY. The screenplay, well-acted and shot, follows that story quite closely.

It’s creepy, but not at all surprising to anyone who is familiar with either the Milgram experiment or the Stanford Prison Experiment. I’m sure everyone in the audience wants to think they’d be the hero and refuse the orders, but those and other experiments in obedience (not to mention world history) show that most normal people can become beasts in the right circumstances.

The story would be considered ridiculous if it were simply made up. It’s another case of truth being far, far stranger—and in this case, creepier and scarier—than fiction.

A warning: survivors of sexual abuse who are easily triggered should avoid this one. It had a lot of people in the audience, both men and women, very upset. Not upset at the film or director, but at the events and that they had happened.

This won’t win an audience award, but it is a very good film that hopefully will get wide distribution, if only for the value of the questions it raises.

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