Connecting Power / Visualizing Change on the one-year anniversary of Tahrir Square

An excellent, simple animation explaining the importance of strong, open networks for organizing revolution. It also applies to organizing globalized society as a whole.

It’s a quick, entertaining video about the importance of grassroots international interconnectivity in the face of governmental international interconnectivity.

As I said in an earlier post, creating robust networks without regard to borders is necessary for globalized solidarity actions to be able to have tangible, on-the-ground effects. So far, solidarity actions like the Oakland/Cairo marches against police brutality in each others’ cities provide a transitory morale boost (not to be discounted), but little more. This video shows how robust connectivity, or its lack, helped or hindered events of the last year in the Arab world. I believe the next year will see rapid advances in global solidarity actions, the effects of which we can barely imagine now.

For convenience, I’ve copied the list of links to Arabic- and Persian-language versions and their other information below. (Now, speaking of openness and connectivity, you have to ask to join their Facebook page, something that is usually a hindrance to sharing.)

Here is the Google Doc of links for network hub sites (in several languages) with information on the global uprisings.




We’re currently collaborating on an initiative to create an application to identify the most popular grassroots networks so as to facilitate international connections; your participation will help make this happen.

Please join us in spreading the video and connecting people!

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The Visualizing Change Team

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