Live from Sundance Film Festival 2012

This will be my eighth year as a volunteer at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. I’ll be here till Monday, January 30th. For the previous seven years, I’ve worked at the Yarrow Hotel Theater or Holiday Theaters helping run the press and industry-only screenings. These are the same films that the public sees, but in theaters reserved for industry people.

This year, I’m back at the Yarrow, but doing something a little different. I’m helping coordinate the seating of the entourages that many filmmakers bring with them to their film screenings. This is usually the cast and crew and friends and family. It would be a good job for someone who likes to meet stars, since you get to hang out in the “green room” with them.

I don’t really care about typical Hollywood types, but yesterday Margaret Atwood was there with the film PAYBACK, made by the talented documentary director Jennifer Baichwal, based on Atwood’s recent book by the same name. This evening I got to hang out with the directors of 1/2 REVOLUTION (see next post). Not sure what’s coming up tomorrow.

Right now, the first major storm of the season is hitting, dumping snow outside and closing the highways. I always love when it snows during the Festival. It’s so much prettier.

I’ll be posting reviews and commentary here as I have time to write it. I work an 8-hour shift and then try to get in two or three films per day, so I don’t have a ton of time to write. I’ve also got a number of Occupy-related posts that I started before coming to Sundance that I’m trying to finish before they become totally irrelevant. You can follow me on Twitter @mikaljakubal. I usually start tweeting immediately after the credits end, during the Q&A.

It’s almost 1:30 Utah time and I’ve got to start my shift at 7:30 a.m., so that’s all for tonight.

Oh, and having quite all caffeine almost a month ago now, I’m trying to do the impossible: a Sundance without coffee. So far, so good. But don’t place any bets either way just yet.

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