“…an elitist voice against the [Occupy Oakland] movement for months.”

Gawd, I love internet trolls sometimes. I’ve been looking for a proper tagline for this site since I put it up. Today, the Occupy Oakland General Assembly voted on a proposal before it to rename Occupy Oakland, “Decolonize Oakland,” something I heartily opposed. Since I couldn’t get down there to vote against it (it failed anyway, getting only 68% yes), I was on Twitter retweeting anti-“Decolonize” sentiments and adding a few of my own. (See Twitter feed in sidebar.)

At one point an anonymous tweep leveled the above accusation at me. It was so good, I took it and made it all mine. It also started some good DM convos and gave others a good giggle.

I think that will be a theme here on Civilized Disobedience: to take others’ uncivilized sniping and make evolving taglines out of it. I already know what the next one will be, since I’ve already been called it by some mean chump from corporate media.

So, yeah, shit-sling away at me, punks. I need the comedy material.

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