Occupy I-5, Day 5

A little catching up, Friday, December 2. Posies Cafe, Portland, OR.

I’m in Portland this morning, probably heading to Eugene later for the General Assembly tonight. On Wednesday, I visited Occupy Tacoma again and Occupy Olympia. I spent yesterday up in Longview, Washington, talking with some rank and file longshoremen, as well as a stop in to the Port Of Longview office and a meeting of the nascent Occupy Longview group.

This trip has also been about catching up with old friends, so many late nights talking and sometimes drinking has meant not much time for blogging. I did manage a few Twitter posts the last couple days, though. I’ve got a lot of notes and voice memos I need to sift through.

I can say briefly that OccupyOlympia was pretty deserted and quiet. People were apparently scattered around various places that day, some in the Capitol building, some at a bail hearing at the jail, others simply away from camp for a while. Many were in the process of moving their tents out of the muddy areas into less-trampled spots in the park. OccupyOlympia definitely has the most scenic spot of all Occupations that I’ve seen.

Longview on the other hand is quite interesting and that story involves some complex relationships between Occupy, the ILWU’s rank and file and ILWU leadership and the companies they’re fighting against. Not something that can be summed up in a Twitter post. Occupy Longview is small and new and could use your support, since solidarity with the ILWU’s struggle against grain export company EGT at the Port Of Longview is ostensibly one of the main reasons for the December 12th West Coast port shutdown.

Occupy Longview doesn’t seem to have a website yet, but they have a Facebook page. They’re having a General Assembly tomorrow, Saturday the 3rd, at the Longview Public Library, 12-3pm. If any of you from Occupy Portland or elsewhere want to go, I’m sure they’d appreciate the extra voices and experience. Their email is olv99percntrs@yahoogroups.com If you look back to yesterday evening on my Twitter stream, you’ll see flyers I scanned. Please RT!

My parking meter is about to expire, so that’s it for this morning. I could almost start a Twitter and blog called OccupyParking, given how much of a constant part of this trip running to beat the meter reader has been.

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